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    Shot of the Summer. Caught offhand on the Kings Road, coming out of Chelsea Registry Office. She look so happy, and the colours are so vivid. I wish I’d been quick enough…

  • Travel

    Purobeach Marbella Birthday

    We got to spend my Birthday week in Marbella again, which is one of my favourite things to do. And we got to spend my actual Birthday at Purobeach. It was an…

  • Work

    Redesigning our benefits

    This was originally posted on the We Are Friday website. A lot of companies like to talk about what a great place to work they are. At Friday we like to demonstrate…

  • Work

    New term, new year, new office

    I’ve always loved the new term feeling that you get at the beginning of September. It’s a feeling of new-ness and starting over, with the added bonus of it also being my…

  • Design

    California: Designing freedom

    California is one of my favourite places on the planet and when I saw this exhibition advertised, I was very keen to go and to understand more about how it came to…

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    Missing out

    I’d planned to do loads of things in July. What I hadn’t planned on, was getting ill and having to cancel pretty much all of them. At the beginning of the month…

  • View from the train to Soller

    Ferrocaril de Soller

    Too soon our stay in Palma was at an end, and it was time to up sticks to Soller, a town about 40 mins away by car. But we’d decided not to…

  • Cake boxes

    Palm-a Sunday

    I hadn’t really twigged that we were in Palma the weekend before Easter, and that meant that our decision to get up early and take a walk to the cathedral was extra…

  • Aperol Spritz with ice

    Perfect Palma Saturday

    We flew into Palma on Saturday, arriving about lunchtime. After all the stress of the week and Mum’s operation, it was great to be able to relax with a holiday and we…